Courage to do the right thing

Clarity of purpose and values

Consistency of thought, word and action

Lead at your best … influential, credible, respected, resilient.

Across our political, corporate and public domains right now there is a thirst for great leadership; for the ones amongst us who will make a courageous stand,
whose character demonstrates consistency, clarity
and a commitment to disrupting dysfunctional leadership.

The Incisive Leaders team is committed to working with executive teams across our organisations to build capacity and capability, and to cascade this through the emerging executives and rising stars to deliver the one thing necessary to driving competitive advantage – a cohesive, robust team which can navigate successfully through a volatile and ambiguous environment,
made more complex by increasingly diverse stakeholder demands.

Fusing leadership development, mentoring and coaching strategies, the Incisive Leaders suite of services encompasses:

  • Delivering keynote presentations and masterclasses on topics that bridge the divide between the dark side of leadership and incisive leaders
  • Designing and facilitating executive and senior management team development programs, deliberately crafted to leverage the core characteristics of the incisive leader – courage, clarity and consistency
  • Diagnosing root causes of wicked organisational issues and consulting on enterprise-wide organisational development programs specifically targeting risk points in the employee lifecycle

“In spite of all the work on leadership that assumes it by definition to be good…
we exercise power, authority and influence in ways that do harm.”

Barbara Kellerman, Bad Leadership, 2004



As an infopreneur, diagnostician of underlying causes of organisational issues, and ideas challenger, Vicki has presented to a range of professional bodies and organisations on strategies for developing leadership capability to enhance the productivity, engagement, and well-being of employees.


As leaders we can overdo our strengths; overuse them, or employ them in the wrong context.

Vicki’s leadership development solutions support leaders to focus on values based leadership with purpose, sharing techniques to avoid crossing over to the ‘dark side’.


In a busy working world, with ever growing demands and fewer resources, it is easy to put yourself last – to fail to take time to think.  The results can be disastrous. Investing in a confidential mentoring program provides structured, regular time to reflect and develop your leadership strategy.


One of the most difficult career dilemmas is working with a toxic boss or colleague.  A recent study into the impact of toxic behaviour by managers found that even one or two of these behaviours, i.e. manipulating and intimidating others, was enough to cause harm to employees: psychological, emotional and physical.



As the Manager of Organisational and Professional Development at UnitingCare Health, Vicki led the development and implementation of a comprehensive workforce development strategy, with leadership development at its centre.

Vicki’s leadership development solutions were always directly aligned to organisational strategy and business objectives.  She was focused on translating these objectives into meaningful and practical initiatives for our leaders that resulted in visible changes in leadership mindset, behaviours and performance.

As a member of the UCH Senior Management team, Vicki was able to partner with business executives to understand key industry and business challenges in order to build customised leadership and organisational development strategies.  This was demonstrated more widely with Vicki working across UnitingCare Queensland to participate in the development of the Uniting Care Queensland Values Based Leadership framework, which has become a foundational piece in our leadership strategy.

Richard Royle

Executive Director, UnitingCare Health

Over the years I have appreciated Vicki’s input as a sounding board when discussing organisational issues and ideas for cultural change.

She thinks strategically and can see the big picture, while at the same time recommending practical solutions.  She willingly shares her organisational development experience and has real examples of what she has seen work and what hasn’t; the pros and cons of a particular course of action.

She stays abreast of the latest research and thought leadership into future trends that are about to impact workplaces.

Vicki’s key strength is her ability to connect with people to ensure very focused solutions, which result in great organisational outcomes.

Cathy Thomas

GE Blue Care and ED Australian Regional and Remote Community Services (ARRCS)


Vicki Webster

Leadership Development Specialist. Career Resilience Coach, Organisational Psychologist

As an infopreneur, diagnostician of underlying causes of organisational issues, and ideas challenger, Vicki’s key areas of strength are communicating clear and unambiguous messages, being able to have credible conversations at executive and senior management level to challenge the status quo with the aim of enhancing leadership effectiveness through behavioural change, and fostering engagement through proactive career management and professional development strategies.

adjective: incisive

(of a person or mental process) intelligently analytical and clear-thinking; very clear, direct and decisive; astute, razor-sharp, insightful, discerning, perceptive, shrewd; able to explain difficult ideas clearly and confidently