In a busy working world, with ever growing demands and fewer resources, it is easy to put yourself last – to fail to take time to think.  The results can be disastrous.

Investing in a confidential coaching program provides structured, regular time to reflect and develop your leadership strategy with the benefit of an objective sounding board;

Vicki works with managers to enhance their leadership style in order to increase employee engagement and capability.  She is able to assist coachees to diagnose organisational and team problems and issues, and identify potential solutions that take into account the current political and cultural environment.

Vicki underpins her coaching with evidence based practice, utilising well researched tools and techniques, i.e. solution focussed coaching, reflective practice, leadership style profiles, multisource feedback tools, career drivers, values alignment, purpose and legacy exercises, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, VIA signature strengths, and team role preferences.

Vicki works with executives and managers to enhance their leadership style in order to increase employee engagement, capability and capacity.

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Over the years I have appreciated Vicki’s input as a sounding board when discussing organisational issues and ideas for cultural change.

She thinks strategically and can see the big picture, while at the same time recommending practical solutions.  She willingly shares her organisational development experience and has real examples of what she has seen work and what hasn’t; the pros and cons of a particular course of action.

She stays abreast of the latest research and thought leadership into future trends that are about to impact workplaces.  Vicki’s key strength is her ability to connect with people to ensure very focused solutions, which result in great organisational outcomes.

Cathy Thomas

GE Blue Care and ED Australian Regional and Remote Community Services (ARRCS)

Whether it’s lack of clarity on your next career move, seeking to improve your work/life integration, dealing with the effects of burnout, preparing for your next promotion, and/or enhancing your career resilience, career coaching is essential. Playing ‘devil’s advocate’ Vicki is able to assist coachees to move beyond current barriers and constraints to identify potential solutions, develop strategies and make career decisions that take into account their desired lifestyle and the reality of current and future work environments.

Download Vicki’s Career Coaching Flyer HERE

Vicki greatly helped me recently when I needed it most. Her ability to analyse and adapt the coaching to suit my needs was instrumental in getting me back on track in what had been personally a very difficult time in my life. I thank Vicki for her empathy and helping me work through these challenges. I now have a new set of tools to approach how I operate; and a strategy to take my career to the next level. I am re-engaged in what I do, in fact I love what I do again. I recommend Vicki to anyone who needs to tune up their career or reinvent themselves as leaders.  No one said being a leader was easy.  If you engage Vicki you too will benefit from the depth of experience that Vicki offers and her unique perspective and methodology that will help you to lead and be your best.

Michael Cooke

IT Director, Griffith University