Courageous Leadership

Taking the courage to do the right thing 


With the number of corporate failures and political scandals in recent years, people are crying out for ethical leadership; leadership that brings humanity back into business.  Embracing human dynamics, this masterclass encourages leaders to dare to make courageous decisions and have courageous conversations.

In this masterclass we explore the implications of having the courage to do the right thing and how to be courageous when leading others.  Biases in decision making are discussed.  Incisive and effective, ethical decisions can be made with a curiosity mindset and true collaboration.  Practical tools and tactics to gain commitment to decisions are shared, so leaders can better influence by being vulnerable enough to engage in candid conversations and brave enough to have the tough conversations.

Maximise team performance and engagement, even in the face of today’s leadership challenges

About Vicki

Infopreneur. Straight Talker. Ideas Challenger.

Across our political, corporate and public domains right now there is a thirst for great leadership; for those who will make a courageous stand to disrupting dysfunctional leadership. As a diagnostician of underlying causes of organisational issues, Vicki provides practical strategies for leaders to engage in to actively enhance leadership effectiveness through behavioural change.

This masterclass will give you the tools and tactics to lead at your best