Incisive Leadership

Values-based leadership versus the dark side 

Leader derailment occurs when there is a lack of an individual’s self-awareness and/or self-management. This masterclass shares the characteristics of incisive leadership that enhance self-leadership: the courage to do the right thing, clarity of purpose and values, and consistency between thoughts, words and actions.

Incisive (clear, direct, decisive, astute, insightful, shrewd) leadership is the opposite of the dark side of leadership.  Destructive leaders create toxic, volatile and unpredictable environments.  They believe the rules don’t apply to them, focus on their own agenda, and engage in activities that serve their own ego – blaming others, taking credit for others’ work and engaging in endless self-praising anecdotes.

In contrast, incisive leaders are very clear on their purpose and values and engage in ethical leadership practices.  They have the courage to stand up for what is right and to disrupt dysfunctional leadership.

This masterclass explores components of self-leadership that prevent leaders overdoing their strengths and derailing their leadership and, ultimately, their careers.  Participants focus on how they will leave a legacy that grows and develops people, organisations and communities.

Maximise team performance and engagement, even in the face of today’s leadership challenges

About Vicki

Infopreneur. Straight Talker. Ideas Challenger.

Across our political, corporate and public domains right now there is a thirst for great leadership; for those who will make a courageous stand to disrupting dysfunctional leadership. As a diagnostician of underlying causes of organisational issues, Vicki provides practical strategies for leaders to engage in to actively enhance leadership effectiveness through behavioural change.

This masterclass will give you the tools and tactics to lead at your best