Keynote presentations

Why Leaders Derail:  Exploring the Dark Side of Leadership

▪ Exploring why leaders fail, triggers for going over to the dark side, and personal strategies for preventing derailment.

Breaking the Silence: Dealing with Destructive Leadership in the Complexity of Modern Work

▪ Systemic and structural barriers to organisations dealing effectively with destructive leadership and the organisational interventions that can be effective in the political environments in which toxic leader behaviour thrives. 

Leadership: The Authenticity Paradox

▪Explores the role of values, purpose, character, integrity and vulnerability in achieving authentic leadership and how to confront the authenticity dilemmas leaders face.

Vicki regularly presents at public conferences, leadership forums and retreats, and professional membership/alumni forums.

Her interactive presentations include:

  • Managers Behaving Badly – What is your role?
  • Leading Change and Transformation
  • Fight, flight or freeze: Common responses to toxic leadership
  • Building Career Resilience

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PRESENTATION: The Wicked Problem of Destructive Leadership: Mitigating negative impact on targets, teams, culture and organisations

QUT Leadership Coaching Conference: Crossing Boundaries, QUT Gardens Point Campus, Brisbane, 22-23 November 2019



PRESENTATION: Addressing the wicked problem of destructive leadership in the workplace.

WOW Industry Research Showcase: Workplace leadership, engagement, and wellbeing. Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing, Griffith University, Brisbane, November 2021.



Ideas for Change: Protect yourself and others from the harmful impact of destructive leadership

APS 14th Organisational and Industrial Psychology Conference, July 2022




Lead the Way Webinar. Lead at your best: Addressing the consequences of destructive leadership

Institute of Managers and Leaders (IML), March 2023