Leader as Coach

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Leaders are continually asked to do more with less resources, so discretionary effort is essential to achieving results.  In addition, as managers we often spend 80% of our time focussing on people issues and only 20% on our good performers.  It is so easy to jump into problem-solving model.  Learn practical tools and tactics to help you resist ‘telling’: to engage, empower and enable your staff and peers through effective coaching.

Based on organisational metrics and KPIs, leaders often spend the majority of their time managing operations – resolving problems, managing risk and quality, seeking continuous improvement of processes and achieving results.  This can leave little time for leadership – coaching and growing people.

In this masterclass we engage in skills practice, using easy to implement coaching tools that engage people.  Coaching practices facilitate motivation and performance by allowing leaders to set clear expectations for performance, give clear feedback, gain commitment to action and hold others accountable for their performance and behaviour.  It is recommended these coaching tools are cascaded throughout the organisation to create a coaching culture, where coaching is a key approach for managers and staff to engage their people and their stakeholders.

Maximise team performance and engagement, even in the face of today’s leadership challenges

About Vicki

Infopreneur. Straight Talker. Ideas Challenger.

Across our political, corporate and public domains right now there is a thirst for great leadership; for those who will make a courageous stand to disrupting dysfunctional leadership. As a diagnostician of underlying causes of organisational issues, Vicki provides practical strategies for leaders to engage in to actively enhance leadership effectiveness through behavioural change.

This masterclass will give you the tools and tactics to lead at your best