Leadership Masterclasses

Vicki designs practical leadership development sessions, facilitating active learning activities and drawing on the wisdom of participants to challenge perspectives.  Below is an overview of Incisive Leaders’ most popular topics.  Sessions are customised to client organisations’ strategic direction, leadership frameworks, values and culture.

Values-based leadership versus the dark side

Leader derailment occurs when there is a lack of an individual’s self-awareness and/or self-management. This masterclass shares the characteristics of incisive leadership that enhance self-leadership: the courage to do the right thing, clarity of purpose and values, and consistency between thoughts, words and actions.

Taking the courage to do the right thing

With the number of corporate failures and political scandals in recent years, people are crying out for ethical leadership; leadership that brings humanity back into business.  Embracing human dynamics, this masterclass encourages leaders to dare to make courageous decisions and have courageous conversations.

Are you getting the most out of your team?
This practical masterclass guides you through the Five Dysfunctions of a Team model by Patrick Lencioni, outlining the five key fundamentals to collaborative teamwork. Practical, evidence-based practices are provided on how to build a team environment of trust, positive conflict that allows for robust debate, commitment and accountability, with a strong focus on team results.

From conflict to collaboration

This masterclass shares theories, models and tools that give you the potential to transform the outcome of any tough conversation from anger, frustration or hurt feelings into powerful dialogue.

Engage Empower Enable

Leaders are continually asked to do more with less resources, so discretionary effort is essential to achieving results.  In addition, as managers we often spend 80% of our time focussing on people issues and only 20% on our good performers.  It is so easy to jump into problem-solving mode.  Learn practical tools and tactics to help you resist ‘telling’: to engage, empower and enable your staff and peers through effective coaching.

Sustaining Performance in Times of Uncertainty

It is very difficult to lead through organisational change and disruption, while managing the impact this has on your own role and career, and those of your people.  Practical strategies to enhance personal resiliency and build career resilience in times of uncertainty.

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