Survival Kit for Targets of Toxic Leaders includes information on the phenomenon of destructive leadership, a summary of the latest research, and activities to help you work through your experience working with a toxic leader. You can work through the activities yourself or you can engage a coach and work through the activities together.

$30.80 inc GST.

Coach’s Package This coaching guide is provided to assist experienced coaches, managers, HR professionals and workplace mediators in supporting targets of toxic leadership behaviours. Use the Survival Kit as a guide for your coaching sessions, to encourage your coachee to engage in reflection and to experiment with and implement actions that will build their resilience.

This guide is to be read in conjunction with the Survival Kit for Targets of Toxic Leaders and How to Get Ahead without Murdering your Boss e-books, which are included in this package.

$40 inc GST.

How to Get Ahead without Murdering Your Boss
6 simple steps to actively manage your career
offers readers a fun, modern, holistic perspective to career management, with practical, quick strategies that will encourage readers of every age and profession to start to take control of their careers, whilst satisfying their desire for more time with family, friends and leisure.

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