Verb: Teaming the activity of working together as a team

Incisive Leaders offers team interventions to engage, enable and empower teams to be great by focusing on team purpose, team goals and how team members work together (why, what, how).  Vicki creates an environment for the team to learn and develop together.

Team Consulting

Vicki provides team leaders with expert insight and advice on typical team dysfunctions and how to improve team performance.

Team Building

Team building activities enhance relationships between team members by building trust and allowing members to engage in positive conflict and robust debate, without descending into interpersonal conflict.  Vicki leads the team through a number of activities to build connection and cohesiveness.

Team Facilitation

Vicki facilitates the team working together on team functioning and processes, such as creating a Team Charter (e.g. team purpose, team goals and above and below the line behaviours for team members) or protocols for meetings, undertaking group tasks and decision making.

Team Coaching

Vicki collaborates with executive and senior management leadership teams to improve their effectiveness in delivering team and organisational outcomes.  She partners with the team to work on everyday challenges through reflection and dialogue, providing the space for team members to share perspectives and engage in robust debate, so that they are able to call the ‘elephant in the room’.  She assists team members to gain insight into the group dynamics of the team and to practise different behaviours and ways of interacting that enhance team relationships.  As Team Coach, Vicki helps the team create a psychosocially safe environment for the team to learn and develop together.  The team takes ownership for creating and maintaining effective team processes within their specific context.  Team coaching takes into account the systems and organisational culture within which the team operates.  Pre and post team assessments may be utilised to track progress.