Dr Vicki Webster

Leadership Development Specialist. Career Resilience Coach, Organisational Psychologist


An Organisational Psychologist with over fifteen years consulting experience in leading teams to design and deliver evidence-based leadership and organisational development solutions that drive cultural change, and increase manager and employee engagement and capability.  

Consulted to organisations across a range of industries, including healthcare, financial services, retail, information technology, mining, manufacturing, government, and education. 


As the driving force behind Incisive Leaders, Vicki also presents as a Guest Lecturer on organisational psychology topics such as Dark Side of Leadership, Effective Performance Reviews, Careers in Organisational Psychology for University of Queensland and Griffith University, and delivers supervision of registrars seeking endorsement as ‘Organisational Psychologist’ (Psychology Board of Australia).

Vicki’s research PhD investigated leader derailment, and follower resilience to toxic leadership. Published in Stress and Health journal, The Conversation:  Toxic Boss at Work, Inpsych: Assisting organisations to deal effectively with toxic leadership in the workplace, and co-author of How to Get Ahead without Murdering Your Boss.  Six simple steps to actively manage your career.  

Specific areas of expertise include: leadership assessment, leadership development, bright and dark side of leadership, organisational development, personal resiliency, and career resilience.


Contact Details

Phone: 0409 867 103
Email: vicki@incisiveleaders.com.au
LinkedIn Profile: https://au.linkedin.com/in/VickiWebsterIncisiveLeaders

Qualifications & Professional Associations

Research PhD 2016
Bachelor of Arts (Hons I – Psychology)
Australian Institute of Management (AFAIM)
College of Organisational Psychologists, Qld (MCOP) Interest Group of Coaching Psychologists (IGCP) Australian Psychological Society (MAPS)
Australian Human Resources Institute (FAHRI)


Communicates clear and unambiguous messages, and has credible conversations at executive and senior management level to challenge the status quo, to enhance leadership effectiveness through behavioural change, and foster engagement through proactive career management and development strategies.

Vicki underpins her interventions and coaching with solution focussed and evidence based practice, utilising well researched tools and techniques, i.e. leadership style profiles, multisource feedback tools, career drivers, values alignment, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, VIA signature strengths, and team role preferences


Leadership Development

Delivering leadership development programs for executive level in large public sector and private sector organisations, including assessing leadership style, identifying strengths to leverage and development opportunities, providing coaching to up skill. Worked with global leaders from Australia, USA, UK, South Africa and New Zealand.

Designing and facilitating leadership development programs (bright and dark side of leadership, executive and management development centres, individual coaching, group coaching, and mentoring) in order to build leadership capability, personal and career resilience in managers to enhance performance in the achievement of strategic priorities

Leadership Assessment

Profiling leaders using evidence based assessment tools to ensure those selected fit the performance and cultural requirements of the organisation

Organisational Development

Diagnosing, developing, and project managing organisational development interventions across the employee life cycle to increase manager and employee engagement, performance, and productivity

Career and Personal Resilience

Delivering effective career management and development programs as well as co-authoring the career management book How to Get Ahead without Murdering Your Boss. Six simple steps to actively manage your career


Delivering engaging conference presentations and interactive workshops to maximise learning and development



Leading the delivery of emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, healthcare exclusion and natural or man-made disasters.



Providing training programs for children to become future leaders and drive positive change in their communities.



Leading the fight for a greener, healthier world – no matter what forces stand in the way.